Welcome to RecycleIT

What We Do

We are dedicated to recycling all E-waste and IT related electrical equipment in an environmentally responsible way.
Totally Free recycling services & a dedication to privacy.
All Commercial and Domestic related computer & electronic / electrical equipment included.
Servicing the Hamilton City & Waikato District area for free. (some volume conditions may apply, please ask)

We accept almost anything related to electrical equipment regardless of age or condition (Anything powered by electricity/ batterys etc)
We also accept Cell Phones, cords, chargers etc and most household  items including Stereos / LCD Monitors & TV’s / DVD Players / VCR’s / Cables and most other small electrical appliances
Workshop tools are included, (Domestic & Commercial)


Mission Statement

We aim to Recycle EVERYTHING regardless of age, in an economical & environmentally viable form with an absolute minimum of wastage.
Our preference is to Refurbish as much IT gear as reasonably possible & get it back in usage, rather then simply strip it down for scrap.
Privacy is assured with Professional grade data wiping & or device dismantling /destruction services.

Equipment that is in good working condition but cosmetically damaged, will often be gifted after workshop processing, to various local Help Groups for their members.

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