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What We Do  (Short version)

We are dedicated to recycling all E-waste and IT related electrical equipment in an environmentally responsible way.
Easy recycling services and a dedication to privacy.
All Commercial and Domestic related computer and electronic / electrical equipment included.
Servicing the Hamilton City and Waikato District area for free.

We accept almost anything related to electrical equipment regardless of age or condition, (Anything powered by electricity/ battery’s etc).
We also accept Cell phones, cords, chargers etc and most household  items including Stereos / LCD monitors and TVs / DVD players / VCRs / Cables and most other small electrical appliances.
Workshop tools are included, (Domestic and Commercial).
(some volume & distance combo conditions may apply, please ask).
We also recycle a large variety of other common household and personal items.
Please ask, you will probably be surprised.


Mission Statement

We aim to Recycle EVERYTHING regardless of age, in an economical and environmentally viable form with an absolute minimum of wastage.
Our preference is to Refurbish as much IT gear as reasonably possible and get it back in usage, rather then simply strip it down for scrap.
Privacy is assured with Professional grade data wiping and or device dismantling /destruction services.

Equipment that is in good working condition but cosmetically damaged, will often be gifted (after workshop processing), to various local Help Groups for their members.

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