We have been involved in the computer industry of recycling and rebuilding computers for over 30 years.
Equipment age or condition. has no limit on our refurbishing efforts and we try to find a productive home for all our items.
Our aim is to recycle all computer gear in the most viable methods available to us with an absolute minimum of wastage.
The majority will be refurbished or recycled directly by us, with a small amount sent on to other suitable companies for more specialist work.
There are many different modern names for “Recycling” but all lead to the same result, making an item go around at least 1 more time.
Some of those names include ……>
Upcycling, Reclaim, Recover,Reprocess, Salvage,Recondition, Regenerate, Remodel, Re-purpose, Shabby Chic,
All these words have the same end result,


We also service a wide range of domestic/ commercial and educational customers.

Many thanks are owed to several people in the creation of this website.
Including but not limited to …

  • Braydon for his Web Designer/Developer expertise.
  • Our Friends and Family for helping keep us all sane.
  • Our Web Host.
  • Many thanks are owed to all our clients for their continued support.

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